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joi, 20 mai 2010

Meet me...half way

All the world was trembling just at the sight of her smile and eyes, blond hair and read lips, but the only thing that made her feel alive was him. She saw him coming touarts her, and her knees stared skaking, she felt her heart beating so hard that she wanted to throw it into his hand.
He looked at her, and smiled politely. He pus his luggae down and suddenly a tear crumbled on his perfect cheeks, near the lips and on the strong neck. She put her hand to cover the tear. Then she kissed the remaining of the tear. He took her arm into his and kissed it like the first and last time. She kissed his sweet soft lips and he grabed her in his arm, holding her tight, wanted to fell that her last breath was for him, for happiness.

I saw all this in front of me and i wanted to think that she was me, and him was you. I saw all this in the train station, the same station i used to wait for you, but then, you always came. I loved your eyes, the fire in them while you were looking at me, i felt it you know that?
I saw them in my mind when i looked out the you know it;s useless? you are not coming and smiling. I can;t see your there any fire in them?
I saw them when i kissed you in my dreams, when i felt like her and you felt like him, when you huged me so hard that i gave you my last breath. I love you, come here...
I saw myself like them now, when i am dreaming of borders and foreign countries, were i'll meet you again, in your real form and real pulse, with your real lips and real love. You love me, i'll come ...

Then he pushed her away a bit, so that he could see her from head to toe, to look at her like he never saw her again, to meet her again, enjoy her like a stranger. He took some steps back, letting go of her arm slowly, with the vizible pain in his hazel eyes.
She closed her eyes and two tears dropped on the ground, without a cheeck to catch them, or a hand to cover them. They were just two shadows of my mind.

So i just find myself here, smoking this cigarette, even though i know you don;t like me when i do that...but...We love each other, meet me half way...